The 5 Things To Do In Delray Beach

The 5 Things To Do In Delray Beach -You can do something more than just watching the big city lights and enjoy your time to go around Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. It is true that there are many fun things to do in Delray Beach, which is the perfect gateway for a couple and whole family. It is no surprise the Delray Beach is popular as the most fun small town in the USA. Rand McNally, USA Today and the Travel Channel gave this name. It is a funky Beach town with a nice combination of Old Florida as well as vibrant village close to the sea.

Things To Do In Delray Beach

You can do five awesome things in Delray Beach, Florida as below:

1. Hang out to visit one of the most attractive Beaches in South Florida – Delray Municipal Beach

Take your time, and relax. From Delray Beach Watersports, you can rent a kayak or hop on a stand-up paddleboard. There is a public parking around the South Ocean Blvd.

2. Enjoy the Show, or Take a Class, and Visit Arts Garage

Save your money by bringing your own food and drink so you can enjoy a musical performance and a play, presented by seasoned performers. Visit Arts Garage is recommendable. It is a theater to perform arts academy as well as cultural center. 

3. Find Restaurant and Bar Hopping Along Atlantic Avenue and Ocean Blvd.

Ride on one of the free golf carts from Delray Downtowner. Then, you can check out at one of restaurants or bars. There are many options available such as Sandbar, Boston’s on the Beach and others.

4. Visit the Pineapple Grove Arts District

Find it off Atlantic Ave, in the downtown Delray Beach. Pineapple Grove Art Districts provides a combination of boutiques, galleries, and shops.

5. Enjoy One of the Yearly Street Festivals

There are many fun events held by Downtown Delray Beach, such as Delray Affair and Delray Beach Garlic Fest.

You can do those five things in Delray Beach.

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