The 5 Best Mexican Food Miami Beach

The 5 Best Mexican Food Miami Beach - If you are visiting Miami and try to get some best foods like tacos al pastor, torta, and orchata, driving to South Miami would never make you regret. Go ahead until you have driven to Homestead, which is the place to find the most authentic and tasteful Mexican fare. There, you can find delicious combinations of beans, tortilla, salsas, cheese, and meat.

Best Mexican Food Miami Beach

Best Restaurants For Mexican Food In Miami Beach

Here are some restaurants that can be your excellent gateway to enjoy Mexican food in Miami Beach, Homestead.

1. Hidalgo’s Cafetaria and Restaurant

Location: 24961 Dixie Highway, Homestead
It is a beautiful Mexican restaurant with some delicious food available. They provide mouth-watering meals for perfect breakfast. They are available from 6 a.m. It is the best place to enjoy lunch and dinner with yummy Mexican food, make your belly full and never break your bank.
It is a good restaurant if you want to find some traditional Mexican snacks, as well as candies and piƱatas.

2. La Cruzada

331 Park Place, Homestead
Take it as another option to get great and authentic Mexican food. It has colorful ambiance, country design, and various dishes such as Chimichangas and enchiladas, to carne asada tacos, guacamole, and many others.

3. El Rincon De Jalisco

30360 Old Dixie Hwy, Homestead
They provide some great menus such as molcajete (shrimp, chicken, chorizo, steak, cactus, cheese, and onions in a sauce), as well as arrachera (skirt steak).

4. Taqueria Morelia

1975 NE 8th St., Homestead
Their popular salsa bar is the attraction to complete the offer of great food. It is a perfect spot to stop for enjoying few tacos, carnitas burrito and michelada. The location is comfortable and clean, but the price is not cheap. However, you will not regret to spend some of your money to visit it.

5. La Quebradita

702 North Krome Ave., Homestead
Enjoy a plate of nachos with or without chorizo, chilaquiles, tacos or taco salad, and Mole con Pollo. It is a great restaurant if you love more about taste and convenience.

Those are the 5 best restaurants to find the best foods if you are visiting Miami Beach. 

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