The 5 Best Florida Atlantic Beaches

The 5 Best Florida Atlantic Beaches - Many people visit Florida, which has around 1,200 miles of coastline. The site offers many travel destinations, various shores for party and family for different types of travelers. If you want to know about the most favorite beaches in the Sunshine State, our options below can help you choose the next vacation in Florida.

Best Florida Atlantic Beaches

1. St. Peterburg, FL

It is the best spot for your weekend getaway. The Sunshine City provides the best relaxing shorelines and the urban cityscape, a double twist for all travelers. It is the place to escape to the best beach without feeling disconnected. The city provides the world record with the consecutive days to enjoy the sunshine.

2. Destin

Take it as the alternative if you want to go to a beach with family. It has white sands with the gorgeous gulf waters and the best sunshine. Most people choose it because it is one of the most affordable beach towns with great temperatures, visitor volumes, and room rates go at the highest level during summer.

3. Naples

If you are looking for a beach in Florida that offers golf courses, boutique shops, and gourmet restaurants you must visit Naples. It is the best place to enjoy an upscale retreat in Florida. You will love the luxury resorts and the premium activities that make you never disappointed to spend the expensive vacation, but the beaches are free to have fun.

4. Sanibel Island

There is nothing better than Sanibel Island if you seek for a place in Florida with calm and quiet shores. You can enjoy the sand or collect the colorful seashells, instead of partying. It is the best beach for families to have fun.

5. Fort Lauderdale

It is a less chaotic beach that is great for those who love a quiet place to visit. The beach is budget-friendly and it is a perfect option for a family. They provide lower hotel room rates compared to other Florida beach towns.

Those are the best beaches in Florida you must visit.

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