The 5 Best Beaches In South America

The 5 Best Beaches In South America - You can find many things when you visit South America such as a quiet village for fishing, an isolated island, a party beach, a beautiful beach for all surfers, and much more. There are many beaches available in South America whether on the Pacific, Atlantic or Caribbean. Here are the five options for most beautiful beaches in South America.

1. Lopes Mendes Beach

The location is on IIha Grande, the paradise island, the beach has a beautiful white beach to complete the almond and palm trees. The beach has 2-mile of blue waters. The sand is untouched and undeveloped to provide you the authentic view. Do not forget to have some snacks, suntan lotion, and a good book.

2. Punta Del Diablo

Punta Del Diablo Beach
It is a perfect beach for those who need a different bohemian atmosphere. Punta Del Diablo is a good option in Uruguay. There are many Uruguayans and Argentineans there, especially during summer to enjoy the sun and the good waves. The name of the beach means the Devil’s Tip.

2. Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara Beach
It is another paradise beach that makes you does not mind to stay for weeks. The beach has shallow waters, which is not good for swim. It has many sand dunes to make it special. It is fun to climb and enjoy the amazing viewpoints to see the sunset with the clear ocean.

3. Shell Beach

Shell Beach
It is the answer for outdoor enthusiasts to see turtles and the wildlife. It is the popular nesting spot for eight sea turtles. The conservationist protected them from turtle hunters. What you can find here is the olive ridley, the leatherback, the green and the hawksbill turtles.

4. Joaquina

It is one of the most popular beach spots for travelers all over the world. The breathtaking beach is the safe bet to enjoy the sand dunes, surf, and fresh seafood teats during summer. The best part is the caipirinhas on the sand.

5. Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach
We put it as the last option to enjoy the beach holiday. The beautiful white sand and the relaxing view make it as the best way to go.

Well, each beach has its own way to make you relaxed.

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